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Creating Insights for Tomorrow

The disruptors are already among us: online car sales, hybrid & electric vehicles, subscription & ridesharing services, private equity investors. Change is here on every front.

In the past two decades alone, technology has ferried many of these changes. The internet has opened new avenues for consumers to research vehicles, obtain financing, and manage service. Vendors are finding faster and easier ways to solve persistent business problems, helping you manage your dealership in a manner that is consistent with the times. Manufacturers are designing vehicles that no one knows how to fix yet, but technology will allow them to teach your service department without taking their hands off the engine.

No matter how much change happens, consumers will always require someone that understands their needs on a local level. At Dealer News Today, our goal is to provide guidance, advice and information so you can navigate this road from the driver’s seat.

Our Team

John has a proven track record over two decades of creating and leading strategic media initiatives for companies in a wide variety of industries. He has a particular expertise in combining his knowledge to design brand stories that are compelling and relevant. John received his MBA from Seton Hall University.

Michelle spent over 15 years in the tech sector writing about IP communications, call center/CRM services, IoT/M2M, alternative power, and automotive technology. After working in the B2B tech market, she now focuses on helping other businesses with their communications goals through her editorial expertise.

Al is a writer, editor, analyst, and consultant. He specializes in investigating and explaining complex topics and has written about technology, business, management, marketing, design, innovation, and many other topics. Al holds a master’s degree in organization and management from Antioch University New England.

Amy is a freelance writer and editor, currently focused on writing thought leadership pieces for advertising agencies. She spent 17 years at MediaPost as managing editor of online newsletters, where she also penned the weekly creative column, “Out to Launch.”

Desiree is a determined leader with 20+ years of sales and management experience in a variety of industries including advertising, television, car sales and staffing. She brings insight to generating revenue, new and organic business development, training best practices and real-world business experience.

Maggie is a marketing, SEO, and communications professional based on the Jersey Shore. She spends her spare time eating sushi, diving into local politics, and going to car shows and cruise nights.

Kathryn is a professional writer who has remained successful by staying tenacious and knowledgeable in a very competitive field. She tells stories and crafts content that persuades, informs, educates, and causes the reader to pause. Kathryn has written for major publications, small businesses, and everything in-between, and she does her best work with a team that leans on each other.

Mia is an automotive expert with ASE Master, L1, L2 and L3 Advanced Level Specialist certification. She has over 14 years of experience in the automotive industry and a bachelor's degree in automotive technology. These skills have been applied to content writing, copywriting, technical writing and mechanical failure analysis inspections.